Video game Developer Barbie

August 28, 2011Posted by Admin


You may remember that, according to Mattel’s book Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer, Barbie was in fact extremely, extremely bad at being a computer engineer. According to this book, being a computer engineer indicates: 1) coming up with design concepts for a video game but then needing the assistance of children to make it real; 2) infecting both your computer and your sis computer with a virus through sheer incompetence; and 3) getting kids to help you fix that, too.

Sure, it may have been a little ridiculous that the actual Computer Engineer Barbie (initially sold in 2010) has a pink laptop that perfectly matches her glasses and writes code in binary however the reality that she existed was quite awesome.

Sega purchases Amplitude Studios

August 20, 2011Posted by Admin


Sega is already a huge gamer on the strategy-game scene thanks to The Creative Assembly, the makers of the Total War franchise, and Relic Entertainment with its Warhammer: Dawn of War and Company of Heroes series. Today, it added another award-winning studio to its steady.

The Japanese publisher’s Sega Europe subsidiary has actually obtained Amplitude Studios, the makers of Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless. The Paris-based PC video game developer has actually gathered a reputation for including gamer feedback into its advancement procedure, which it calls Games Together.

Eidos creator Ian Livingstone is driving

August 10, 2011Posted by Admin


Ian Livingstone is one of the starting fathers of games in the United Kingdom. He produced the Fighting Fantasy game books in 1982, and those have offered more than 17 million copies to date.

Livingstone has been an active angel financier, however now he’s hoping to have a huge 2nd act by improving the U.K. schools. He’s on track to produce 2 new complimentary schools with a digital focus.

Learning by doing is extremely impactful, Livingstone said. Games teach us method abilities that assist us deal with a world that is altering at a very big rate. See this for more information about call of duty infinite warfare hacks.